What Are Possible Reasons for Permanent Pain After Breast Implants? (photo)

I had 2 breast augmentations.After 2nd augmentation i have constant pain on the upper pole of the right breast.I can only compare it to the tooth ache which never goes away.sometimes its burns too.The only thing i can add is that after both surgeries my right implant did not drop.I went to my plastic surgeon twice and he did not find capsular contracture.He does not know why i am in pain.I am 5 months post op and have constaint pain for 3 months.

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What Are Possible Reasons for Permanent Pain After Breast Implants?

In very rare cases the medial/lateral pectoral nerves become entrapped in scar tissue. Either direct incision of this nerve or bio feedback therapy can help. 

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Pain after breast augmentation

Sorry to hear about your pain.  It looks like you've had a breast lift as well.  Did they also repair or cinch up the scar tissue capsule on your second surgery?  These would be crucial things to know because it could give more clues as to why you have pain.  If your scar tissue capsule was cinched up, then it could be that a nerve is trapped in a stitch.  If the stitch is dissolvable, then the pain may go away once the stitch dissolves.  Stretching of nerves can also cause chronic pain.  This is due to the fatty sheath ("insulation") around the nerve breaks and you have a "live wire" which can send a burning pain sensation.  Nutritional supplements such as good quality fish oil (or Krill oil), alpha lipoic acid, and CoEnzyme Q10 can help these nerves to heal.  Whatever you do, do not buy cheap fish oil.  It's full of mercury and will make your nerve pain worse.  Go to a natural food store that has high quality products.  Hope this helps.

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Post-op pain after Breast Augmentation

Although you have breast discomfort after an augmentation this is an unusual post-op issue.  It is hard to know what is causing the discomfort in th eupper pole of the breast.  Tenderness could be related to scar tissue around a nerve, capsular contracture, hematoma, infection, or just normal post op discomfort.  However, at 5 months it is unlikely to be considered normal postop discomfort.  If your surgeon and you feel that you have some asymmetry and/or redness of the right breast then an ultrasound may be of use to determine unresolved hematoma or infection. Capsular contracture is much more unusual at 5 months.  It is possible that a capsulotomy was performed since this is the 2nd surgery and your muscle is healing with excessive scar causing the discomfort.  Usually time and massage help this.

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