Reasonable Pricing For Three Abutment and Crowns?

I have an appointment to have three abutments and crowns put on my exposed implants the cost $8250. Insurance paying $3600 leaving me paying $4650 is this too much

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High cost for crowns and abutments.

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There are many questions that need to be answered.  Using high end brand name implant and implant abutments are more expensive than cheap generic parts.  I can pay from $39 to several hundred in lab bills  per tooth.  There are differences in quality and cosmetics as well as in the materials used. I utilize better labs but have significantly higher costs, I believe the extra quality justifies the extra expense.

We have a "Concierge" type office and our fees are higher than average but we use "high end implant companies " and high quality (expensive) labs.  My fees are less than you quoted but in a similar range.

Dental Crowns in Mexico

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In my practice abutments are $280 US and porcelain crowns are $450. We use the same brands as the USA. The problem is that each practice charges based on their own standards, and its OK, it all just depends if the patient wants to pay it or not. Of course you are always free to chose. In my personal opinion, it is a bit too high for 3 abutments and crowns. Thank you!

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