17 Days PO TT. Are These Reasonable Explanations or Have I've Been Mislead? (photo)

PO 17 Days Im concerned 1. I haven't found anyone with a scar like mine. My PS said he had to go high bc Im small and the space btw my pelvic bone didnt allow for enough space to pull my skin down a create a nice silhouette. 2. I have a fold of tissue on the side. PS said its there bc I had a dog ear and he didnt want to keep chasing it around my back. He said that after swelling subsides its possible it'll go down. Is this true? I haven't heard of any of this b4 are these things common.

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Concerns after your tummy tuck.

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Thanks for your questions and for your photographs.  It is possible that as swelling diminishes the dog ear may improve.  It is worth giving it some time.  When in doubt, you may wish to seek a second opinion with a board certified plastic surgeon to give you further options to assist you with your satisfaction.


Best wishes.

17 Days PO TT. Are These Reasonable Explanations or Have I've Been Mislead?

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Are you sure the surgeon is a boarded PS! Does he have the "circle"??? The planned operation you received was done poorly in my opinion, too high, residual dog ear. Best to discuss these issues though a little too late. Sorry. Maybe further healing might decrease the dog ear, but I doubt. As for higher placed incision that is a real problem. 

Concerns after 17 days of Tummy Tuck

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Hello, ..Thank you for your questions and photos..  Certainly,  17 days ,  is a short period  after the surgery ... time, and patience are  the best  options you have now, eventually most of your concerns will improve. You may wish to wait  a minimum of  a couple of moths, and consider   to seek a second opinion with a board certified plastic surgeon to give you further options to assist you .. Meanwhile a healing ointment (scar medication) will help to smooth the incision scar. Ask you PS for scar management...All the Best 

Concerns over tummy tuck...

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Your questions and concerns are certainly valid.  Your surgeon's reasoning is also legitimate.  However, you should have clearly discussed your scar with your surgeon before the procedure.  Most patients bring in a swimsuit bottom where the markings are done so they have a reasonable chance of being under the suit.  As for dog ears, they can be a problem but there are other options to chasing a dog ear.  Have you been mislead?  I don't think so.  Was there a communication breakdown in expectations?  Certainly.  I hope you can resolve your concerns with your surgeon.

"Dog Ear" After Tummy Tuck

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It looks like the extra skin resulted in a "dog ear". This may improve after the swelling improves but if it does not, your surgeon can revise it. 

Funny scar

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I'm not sure what the heck is going on with you.  Let me say this.  It doesn't matter.  Why?  You can get a revision. 

Before you bet upset ( and now that you mention it, please settle down, and stop being upset), yo have a very nice result so far.  Sometimes, closing a wound is a bit tricky for reasons unpredictable until you actually go in.

It looks like you have a dog ear, and I think it will need to be fixed later on.  At this time, work on the rest of the scar.  It will be a hassle to be sure, but prepare now and it won't be a big trauma later since you will expect it.

Focus on the important thing- healing.


Dog ears and tummy tucks.

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Dog ears, which are the puckers at the ends of the incisions after tummy tuck, are pretty common and can be revised when the healing has progressed and all the swelling is gone.  Your side incisions seem to go a bit high but I don't know what the surgeon was working with because there aren't any photos from before the procedure.

Talk about your result frankly with your surgeon to see if he can address your concerns once you have healed completely.  I think when your scar fades the position of the scar may not matter to you as much as the nice contour  (minus any dog ears).  Be patient and give it some time.  Good luck!

Are These Reasonable Explanations

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As to "dog ears" these are not uncommon at the ends of a TT incision. Often these resolve with the swelling and skin remodelling, sometimes a minor in office revision is needed. 

The skin incision looks like a pattern that could have been used when French cut swim suits were in fashion, but it is apparent that this is higher than you had expected. I am not sure there is any way to change its position. Discuss options with your surgeons. 


Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Are my concers valid?

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I would tell you that your concerns are valid, but 17 days is awfully early and that the things your PS have said are certainly true, try and relax, give your incision time and see where everything ends up, good luck.

Dog Ears and Scar Position after Tummy Tuck

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    Dog ears may improve as swelling subsides - that is true.  Scar position may change a bit with time.  Give yourself more time to heal.  If you are not happy in a few months that is a different issue.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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