Reasonable Cost for Preparing 10 Upper Teeth for Permanent Crowns?

The total cost of the work including permanent crowns with insurance would have been around 11000. However i decided to change dentist at the phase when i was in temporary crowns placed on but i wasn't satisfied with the work done. The dentist refunded me 4000, so he basically charged me 7000 for the work done until now,( filling down 10 upper teeth and placing a one piece temporary on them, no final crowns were fabricated, and received). The total labor time was around 4 hours. It's his cost reasonable?

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Cost for Crowns

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$1100 per unit for the crown work start to finish is a reasonable fee as long as the quality is excellent.  Some offices will charge less, some more.  It is an unusual situation to change dentists mid treatment, so there is not a clear cut guideline to follow as far as splitting the fee.  If the new dentist is paying the lab fee or has to reprep and reimpress the teeth, then certainly the $4k would not be adequate.  I would try to resolve your differences with the original treating dentist first, otherwise you will have to get a quote from the dentist who will complete the treatment.

Permanent crowns for upper teeth

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The amount of work is not usually characterized by the chairside time that the dentist spends with patient. Usually it involved 3-4 times more time in the lab to fabricate provisional crowns, articulate and mount the case, etc. It sounds pretty reasonable the amount that was charged for the preparation of the teeth and temporary crowns. You should ask the dentist who is going to continue the work about photos before and after. 

Reasonable Cost for Preparing 10 Upper Teeth for Permanent Crowns?

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You will find a very wide range on costs for a project like these.Depending upon the complexity of the aesthetic issues involved, the gum line shape, and your bite, final costs could almost be double what you've described here. 

Many dentists are trying to do types of cases like yours. It  requires a lot of designing, listening and great back-and-forth communication to deliver an exceptional result. I'm very sorry for you that you had to stop mid-treatment to change providers. Neither you as the patient nor the dentist feels good about this type of situation.

There is no set formula for what the first step of your treatment ought to cost. If you are somehow uncomfortable with what your first dentist offered, then in a calm, composed manner, have an adult conversation about what your thoughts are.

Make sure you now visit a very experienced cosmetic dentist. Make a short, but clear list of what your concerns are. Ask questions, listen for thoughtful, not canned answers.

Reasonable cost for temporizing 10 crowns

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Hard to answer your question without knowing the area where you are but that does sound excessive for what was done by the dentist. Most of our costs are in the permanent crowns that are fabricated by a laboratory.  That was never done in your case.  Hope this helps

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Reasonable cost for preparing 10 upper teeth for permanent crowns

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Most of the cost in dentistry is for labor, not for laboratory and supply costs. Most of the work was done by the dentist in diagnosing, treatment planning, chair-time preparing the teeth and fabricating the temporaries. I think it is reasonable for him to refund the $4000. If you weren't satisfied with the work done, what about discussing it with the dentist and see if he can achieve what you were expecting.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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