What is reasonable cost for a periareolar mastopexy revision after an augmentation? (Photo)

I am 6 months post op from a breast augmentation. I have 250 cc Mentor implants in each breast. I had nursed 2 children and was seeking fuller breasts to fill my skin. My surgeon thought that I only would need implants and that would be enough to fill the skin and give me more volume. I still have sagging tissue that hangs off of my implant. He now wants to do a revision with a periareolar mastopexy to remove the excessive skin. This is now an additional $1,500 cost. Is this reasonable?

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Mastopexy after your Augmentation

To address you main question - yes, this fee seems very reasonable and will likely only cover your surgeon's cost for materials and supplies.  

Now, to address some other things. It seemed surprising that your surgeon would think that only implants were needed at the start. If he/she were placing large implants (over 400cc) than perhaps that would have been all you needed, but with only 250cc implants, your problems seems extremely predictable.  Secondly, I am not convinced from your photos that a peri-areolar lift alone will lift you sufficiently. You have a very large amount of skin laxity and I think you would do best with a lollipop lift. Obviously, this is only my impression from the limited photos, so discuss this with your surgeon.  

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Cost peri arealoar mastopexy

I think this is a win win.this is not at all unreasonable.We all try to make our patients happy with the LEAST amount of scarring.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Can you perform a lift after having implants?

I think that performing a lift will help you achieve the look and tightness that you are after.

I'm quite certain they talked to you at the time of your first consultation that you would probably need some sort of a lift given your initial pre-op photos. Sometimes my patients will decide to wait to have a lift until after they are sure what it will look like without one. If you were not made aware that you would probably have a better outcome with a lift at the same time, then I am sorry your surgeon did not spend more time educating you and discussing your options.

You can perform a lift after having implants. I think that $1500 is a very reasonable cost to perform the lift and is most likely just the cost difference if you had performed the lift at the same time.

You can get more information by downloading my free breast augmentation planner at aBetterBreast.com

Good luck.

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Reasonable Cost after Breast Implants for a Lift

The cost is VERY Reasonable. Plastic surgery is an Art and a Science. We never know how the human body will adapt to implants and skin has genetic components as well!
Dr Jeneb

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