Is There a Reason I Had Better Results with Thermage Than with TITAN?

I had one Thermage procedure about two years ago and based on comments from people who only saw me occasionally, I looked a burden had been lifted ("I can see it in your face."). Since my 'lift' left, I had the Titan procedure yesterday and perceive the immediate results as less apparent.

I know Titan evolved from the maker of Thermacool and is pain free, but is there any data suggesting a reason why Titan might be less effective? Could it just be my aging skin isn't responding and I have less collagen?

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Thermage works better than Titan.

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I am not endorsed by Thermage or Titan. I have used both technologies. I simply could not see the long-term tightening that I see with a well performed Thermage. A well done facial Thermage procedure takes about 3 hours...we like to spend our time designing your treatment and performing our treatmet, so that we can capture and tighten as much of your collagen as possible but not damage your collagen. Also, we use multiple low-energy passes across the face and neck. On average, about 900 pulses. 

Alpharetta Dermatologic Surgeon

Titan works

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Thermage uses radiofrequency and is made by Thermacool. Titan is a laser made by the Cutera company. In the right hands, Titan works extremely well. I emphasize "in the right hands" because results depend on the ability of the nurse providing the treatment. We at Rejuvenation Center get consistently excellent results but have a wealth of experience. As a general rule, more than one treatment is needed. Be sure that you have a nurse with a lot of experience and happy patients to prove it. It is also possible that your skin is no longer right for treatments such as Titan but this would be determined at the time of your consultation.

Edmond A. Zingaro, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

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