Is This a Realistic Nose Job Goal? (photo)

I have altered the image very basically in paint to give a general idea of what I would like which is an overall reduction in the size of my nose, change of the bridge shape, and less bulbous nose tip (which is hard to see in this image). Also note I have made the nostril smaller to match up with the now smaller nose, would this be possible? Thanks in advance. Also, any price estimates would be appreciated.

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Reduction rhinoplasty for bulbous tip

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The nasal hump can be removed to give you a straight nasal bridge and possibly a slope. The nasal tip can be rotated and deprojected as well. The overall result could be similar to results you desire. However, you may not get as small of a nose as you desire. Also, while the nostrils can be made smaller, they may not be the shape and size you desire based on your modifications. Frontal and profile views are needed and an in person consultation would also be helpful to examine the anatomy inside your nose to see how your septum could impact the surgical approach and your goals. Rhinoplasty fees range anywhere from 4000 to 10,000 depending on the surgeon, degree of insurance coverage and the amount of work needed.

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