Is This a Realistic Expectation? Still a Lot of Asymmetry After Deviated Septum Correction. (photo)

I am a 45 years man in Chicago. in 2002 because of constant stuffiness I had a deviated septum corrected but did not change much with my nose, there is still a lot of asymmetry with my nose. I want to raise and define the bridge and define the tip of my nose. I also would like to erase some of the lines on my face and augment my chin. I would like to know what procedures I would need, the probable costs , and if the expected result is feasible.

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Nasal surgery, Chin augmentation and facial lines.

Correcting a deviated septum should not have altered the areas of your nose that you would like improved. In order to raise your bridge and define the bridge and tip you need a rhinoplasty. Your photo unfortunately does not show your nose, but there are very talented rhinoplasty surgeon in your community that you should consult with.

To augment your chin the options include placing an implant or making cuts in your lower jaw bone and advancing your chin. There are pros and cons for each and the treatment needs to be customized to your face.

In order to erase lines your would be best served to get on an effective daily skin care regimen, Botox for the animation lines, and chemical or laser peels for the static lines. Fillers may also be beneficial in area. Again a comprehensive consultation will address all of your questions. Best wishes.

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Nasal asymmetry after septoplasty

Rarely does a standard septoplasty correct a crooked nose. Straightening a crooked nose requires a rhinoplasty.  Raising the bridge requires a dorsal graft.  If the septal cartilage has been harvested during a prior septoplasty, ear or rib cartilage is often necessary.

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Septoplasty and other Questions

Hello there,

Lots of info in here. Unfortunately I can't see your photo but let me start off by saying a properly done septoplasty should result in No Cosmetic change to your nose. So think of that as a good thing! The only thing the septoplasty does is correct the internal shape of your septum thus no external change. That being said, not everyone benefits from a septoplasty for nasal breathing difficulties. You may also need some nasal steroid sprays, but talk to your surgeon about that.  

If you want the asymmetry of your nose fixed, then you are getting into Rhinoplasty territory, which is different than a septoplasty.  the question of your chin is very important as well but I highly suggest talking to a FRCSC or Board Surgeon in the USA regarding this as you need to consider both your nose and other facial structures when making this decision. 

For your lines on your face, thats a whole huge topic in itself. Options are Botox (VERY effective), laser therapies and chemical peels. I would again, talk to someone as its  a very open ended question. 


The cost is hard to pinpoint, so i'll just repeat myself one last time (sorry!) find a place you trust and ask them and shop around. 

Hope this helps get you started. 


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