Realistic Cup Size with Reduction from DDD?

I am 20 years old, 5'4" and somewhere around 110 lbs. I have an extremely small frame (size 0-00)-- except for my bustline. I currently wear bra size 32DD, but am measured accurately at a 30DDD (and in some lingerie brands, an even larger cup size). I would like to get a reduction, and would ideally like my breasts to be as small as possible while maintaining the most natural look. Is it realistic for me to seek to be reduced to a C-cup? Would a reduction to a D-cup look better?

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Predicting cup size after reductions

are very difficult to do.  I know you will be smaller and you sound like an excellent candidate for this procedure.  If your weight minimums will easily be met, you should talk to your doctor about aggressive resections and standard resections and what size your surgeon anticipates will result from such resections.  The amount of tissue you wish to have removed may influence the type of incision that is used as well.  I guarantee my patients they will be smaller but I cannot guarantee a cup size, just a more aggressive resection if they wish to have one.

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Breast Reduction and Resulting Breast Size?

Thank you for the question.  Based on your description, you may be an excellent candidate for breast reduction surgery;  this operation tends to be one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform.

The first/ best step would involve meeting with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons to discuss your goals. Learn about the breast reduction procedure and the potential risk/complications associated with the procedure. The attached link may be helpful to you in this regard.

Once you have decided to proceed with breast reduction surgery it will be important to communicate your goals clearly. With the goal of improving communication with my patients I find the use of photographs of “goal” pictures (and breasts that are too big or too small)  very helpful. I have found that the use of words such as “natural” or “C cup” etc. means different things to different people and therefore prove unhelpful. 
Also, as you know, cup size varies depending on who makes the bra; therefore, discussing desired cup  size may also be inaccurate.

Most of my patients patients wish to achieve a enough of a reduction to help with their symptoms while remaining proportionate with the remainder of their torso. 

Sometimes the breast reduction procedure is “covered” by health insurances. The best way to obtain insurance coverage for breast reduction surgery involves some “hoops” to jump through. The more documentation you have (for example, from your primary care doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor etc.) the better when it comes to obtaining insurance “authorization” for the procedure.
 This documentation and letter/pictures from your plastic surgeon will help you obtain authorization.

I hope this helps.

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Breast reduction to a "C"

It is quite possible to reduce your breast to a "C" ish cup in many cases, but an exam in person would be essential to see what you look like now to know better.

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Expectations following a breast reduction surgery

It sounds like you have reasonable expectations to be around a C cup size following your breast reduction.  It depends upon the technique that your plastic surgeon selects.   Typically I perform a central mound type breast reduction and usually my target range is in the B+ to C cup size if this is the patients desire.  An examination focusing in on your anatomy, skin quality and breast density are essential when planning this procedure.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Breast reduction

Hi Annie,

thanks for the post. It sounds like you are an ideal candidate for this procedure. 

A full C cup is a great size for someone with your frame and size. Pics would be helpful. 

A D isn't bad either, however, since you are young, you may find that after pregnancy, your breasts will change some. It is impossible to predict if your breasts will grow more after pregnancy, or get smaller. 

You should seek a couple consultations with board certified PS and see examples of their work. 
A couple simple recommendations: 

before surgery: 

no aspirin / motrin

no smoking

eat healthy

take a multivitamin

make sure you disclose all your meds / supplements / birth control that you currently use. 

plan for about 1-2 weeks off of school  / work. No exercise for about a month. 


Best to you. 


Bennett Yang, MD
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