Laser Treatment Help Burns and Redness Under Eyes?

I realise it was a stupid thing to do now but after lower blepharoplasty I applied boiled salty water to my stitches. I have been left with red marks or mild burns and my eyes constantly feel tight. My surgeon is going to use the erbium yag laser for the scars or mild burns. Will this help and will it even out the pigmentation. I forgot to mention the tightness to my surgeon. Will it loosen the tightness too?

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Self-Imduced Lower Lid Injury

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Clear communication between the patient and the surgeon is the foundation upon which the relation stands and so is compliance with medical instructions with "innovation, improvisation" or plain noncompliance.

Lower Lid surgery often carefully removes a critically measured amount of skin. Removing more skin OR subsequent tightening of the lower lid skin (by poor scarring, or damage to the skin (laser, acid, boiling water etc) can lead to a pulling down of the lower lid with exposure of the lower white of the globe  called an ECTROPION (Google this term to see what it looks like). You may have a similar process and I'm not sure how lasering the injured lower lid could loosen anything. In my opinion, it may considerably worsen the process.

SPEAK with your surgeon before the laser is switched on.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Erbium yag laser for treatment of complications following blepharoplasty

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IT is difficult to second guess your surgeon's recommendation without conducting an examination.

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