Ready for a rhinoplasty - Male Patient. What can be done? (photo)

I am planning to get a rhinoplasty this spring and am very curious as to what can be done for me? I am looking for better breathing and an aesthetically more pleasing look. I also have a scar on the bridge of my nose. Can that be removed during the procedure? My nose has always given me problems and would love to get some opinions as to what a surgeon can do to improve its appearance. I appreciate all opinions. Thanks

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If You Are Ready, There Is A Rhinoplasty Surgeon Out There Who Can Satisfy You.

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Dear LSH22:

It looks to me like you have a bump on your nose and some asymmetries.Also, one gets a sense of a deviated septum which may be contributing to your breathing problem.I sense that from the base of your nose, looking up the nostrils, which show nostril asymmetry, that is generally the hallmark of a deviated septum, at least in the front part of the nose.It is likely the back part is also crooked and, therefore, not allowing enough air flow through the nose to the lungs.

It looks to me like you have a good nose to do because it seems that the overall proportions are reasonable.It looks like your skin quality is good.

It looks like there is a horizontal scar at the bridge of your nose at the narrowest point.Typically, it is not advisable to remove that at the time of the rhinoplasty surgery.That can be done at another time.Making incisions over an area where you will be narrowing and moving the bones make the outcome too unpredictable.A scar revision like that is not a major undertaking.

With respect to the nasal surgery itself, it sounds like you need a rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and possibly some element of turbinate resection to improve the airway.

Certainly, these are standard procedures.Depending on where you go to have the surgery, you do want to select the most experienced and narrowly-focused surgeon as possible.That generally is the key to success.In a practice where the surgeon has a wide range of offerings, it is not likely he will be considered a master nasal surgeon.Rhinoplasty is the most technically difficult operation in the world of cosmetic surgery, and it does not have much in common with breast augmentation and body liposuction, so you see, it is a specialty within a specialty.For that reason, seek out someone who has the focus to be extremely accomplished in nasal cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

I suggest visiting websites.You will get a sense of how dedicated the practice is to noses. Read books. Study up. Learn as much as you can.The more time you invest in the investigation, evaluation and consultation, it is more likely that you will be satisfied.

Best wishes,

Robert Kotler, MD, FACS



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Male rhinoplasty

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Hi LSH22, I have viewed your pictures. I think you are a good candidate for a rhinoplasty. You hav a very small bump on the bridge of the nose, the tip seems somewhat large as do the nasal bones. Your surgeon will examine your nose thoroughly inside and out to determine if a septoplasty is required, which can improve your breathing. The exact surgical plan would be determined by you and your surgeon during a consultation and your goals would be discussed to be sure they can be achieved. Good luck.

Rhinoplasty can improve both appearance and function

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From the photos you submitted it appears you have an excessively bulky tip with some asymmetry of the nasal dorsum. These problems can be corrected nicely with rhinoplasty surgery and the breathing concerns can be addressed at the same time if there is obstruction from the nasal septum or collapsing internal or external nasal valves. A thorough consultation with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon is the first step.

Mark Beaty, MD
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Male rhinoplasty patient

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A wide, bulbous droopy tip is best addressed with a combination of suture techniques to the lower lateral cartilages and probably a conservative cartilage removal as well. Also important to make sure the bridge line is adjusted to the new tip. Osteotomies may be required to narrow and straighten the nasal bones. A septoplasty may be needed to improve airflow through the nose, but that diagnosis can only be made on examination of the internal portion of the nose. Computer imaging is available on our website along with our extensive rhinoplasty photo gallery, to give you an idea what can be accomplished with the procedure

Your Main Aesthetic Issue Is Your Tip

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In looking at your pictures, the tip of your nose is bulbous and drooping. Raising and defining your tip would help bring your nose into proportion. The bony aspect of your nose is asymmetry as you have fullness on your left side. This would need to be corrected to help improve the symmetry of your nose.

There are multiple levels and areas of the nose that can cause nasal obstruction. Your specific issue would have to be identified during an examination and then the proper solutions could be explained.

I hope this helps.

Male Rhinoplasty Possibilities

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There is a lot of room for improvement in the shape of your nose including tip elevation and narrowing as well as bridge alignment. It is not clear from the pictures how much improvement could be obtained in your breathing without an examination. You should get some computer imaging done so you can see what changes are possible.

Male rhinoplasty.

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I need to see better photos as described on my website. Next I need to know how YOU would like to see your nose after surgery.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Ready for a rhinoplasty - Male Patient. What can be done?

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You can achieve a natural result with a refined, elevated tip and a straighter nose with a closed rhinoplasty.

Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties and rhinoplasty revisions each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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