Surgeons Are Telling Me to Lose Weight Before a Tummy Tuck With BBL, Why Do I Have To Wait? (photo)

Question Dr's :Why are most PS tell people here to wait till we lose more weight first?It is NOT that easy.My friend (she 41.)did get a TT (2011)we are from however NYC/NJ.she didn't wait for target weight,the Florida PS told her no wait. We are same body,one inch apart.I'm 5'9.37.was 289,last year...FINALLY down to 249,,all weight went right to mi mid stomach,mom of 2 daughters,both now teens.i have money,time off to get it done! Gracia.


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Weight Loss before Tummy Tuck?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Generally, most plastic surgeons would agree that complications are decreased when patients are at their long-term stable weight. Complications such as the venous thrombosis (clots in the legs)  may be increased  if patients undergo surgery when they are overweight.

Also,  the chance that patients may require revisionary surgery is greater if they undergo the body contouring procedures while they are overweight.  Once these patients lose weight after surgery,  additional surgery may be necessary to improve the results.

You are correct in that the  last few pounds may be the hardest to lose;  some patients benefit from professional help from trainers and/or dietitians.

I hope this helps.

Losing Weight Before a Tummy Tuck With BBL

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There are generally three reasons to request weight loss prior to surgery. First, complications will generally decline if a patient approaches their long term weight. Second, happiness with the results of the surgery when patients are closer to their target weight. Third, patients who are closer to their target weight tend to need fewer revisions.  To help you with losing weight, your surgeon may be able to refer to people and organizations who can help you.

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