I am 7 months post-op: I still have firmness and just developed itching above the incision line. Could this be swelling? (Photo)

I am 7 months post op for a tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo on the thighs. I had breast aug. Two months later. I still have firmness, numbness and just recently developed itching above the incision line on the belly. While it appears from from. Frontal view I still have a bulge just above the incision. Could this still be swelling 7 months later?

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Post-op Swelling

At seven months the swelling from an abdominoplasty should be resolved. It is possible that the breast surgery contributed to the swelling so your complete healing may be delayed. I would give it a couple more months and I think at that time you can assume the swelling has resolved.

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I am 7 months post-op: I still have firmness and just developed itching above the incision line. Could this be swelling?

Only INPERSON visits allow a diagnosis aster 7 months post operative. Itching is a bit unusual after all this time... 

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Itching and swelling of an abdominoplasty

Thanks for posting a photograph.  It is unusual to have extensive swelling and itching at 7 months but not totally abnormal.  You should check with your surgeon for advise.  

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Tummy Tuck : Swelling?

It could still be swelling this far out from your surgery. But most likely, the swelling is mainly gone. However, a small amount of swelling could be present that can be frustratingly slow to resolve.

Sometimes people can get seroma formation after surgery, but I expect this far out from surgery that this is not the case. An examination by your doctor will help check for this.
Continued use of a pressure garment or girdle can help flatten this area and will only help if swelling is playing a role.

The other symptoms sound normal and I would recommend just keeping an eye on your healing process.

Try to wear a compression garment for 12 hours a day. It can only help. If the fullness persists, then a tiny amount of liposuction can often flatten this out more. This could be decided in a couple of months.

Good Luck!
Dr Chris Saunders

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