In desperate need of HEALTHY alternatives to dental implants. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm an 18yr old who was told at 12 that I had two missing teeth. We were convinced the best option would be dental implants. After 3 years of braces & $5k, I was told there was ample space in my mouth/roots for dental implants. 3yrs have passed & I'm now being told that my roots have moved and there isn't enough space so my only option is braces again and another $3k PLUS the $6k for the implants. I REFUSE to begin college with braces. Is there any other, HEALTHY alternatives to dental implants?

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Alternatives to dental implants

Depending on which are the missing teeth, you might have a temporary option of a removable prosthesis or a maryland bridge which is a conservative approach and does not require preparation of adjacent teeth. While implants is the best option for long term prognosis and stability, a temporary treatment can be done. In addition, in males, it is best to wait till at least age 21 before placing implants and in females till at least age 18 (although 20-21 may be also a good idea as there may be some minor growth still happening).

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