Where Can I Find a Plastic Surgeon That Perform Tummy Tucks with Local Anesthesia?

I live in Reading ,Pa and would like to have a tummy tuck in February. My only problem is that i can't find a plastic surgeon that performs tummy tucks with local anesthesia . I refuse to have this procedure done with general anesthesia. Where can i find a plastic surgeon that perform tummy tucks with local anesthesia?

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Here is a link of the board certified doctors on our site who are qualified to perform Tummy Tucks.

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Tummy Tucks with Local Anesthesia

In selected patients this can be accomplished, but usually with some added intravenous sedation. The downside may be a compromise in the muscle repair, because it is hard to evaluate how tight to make the abdomen when the muscles are not relaxed.

You may have  to travel beyond Reading, but if you call around the Philadelphia area I suspect you will find a surgeon.

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