I Have Read Many Stories on One Boob Dropping and One Being Hard? I Had Breast Surgery March 22.

One boob had a lift, the other didn't. The one that had the lift is having a time dropping and is hard. Can anyone tell me if they've experienced something like this? My PS is reputable and when I call, he doesn't seem worried. He just says massage!

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Breast differences

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Each breast will respond differently to the implants.  If a lift was down on one side, certainly it will likely be tighter until things settle.  Be patient.

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Settling in after one-sided breast lift

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I am a little confused by your question, since I can't tell if you just had a lift on one breast or if you had implants and a one-sided lift.


It sounds as if you had significant asymmetry between the breasts before your surgery.  Often in this type of situation, if you experience a difference between the two breasts postoperatively it would be normal since the two breasts were treated differently.


It takes time for breasts to "settle in" after surgery, often 6 months or more.  Since you are in the care of an experienced surgeon I would follow his advice and see how things evolve.  Odds are things will get better over time.  If not, and some type of revision is necessary, the results will ultimately be better if your don't rush in too quickly.

John Q. Cook, MD
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Firm implant two months after breast lift

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Since you needed the lift on only one side there was significant asymmetry which can be reflected in the implant pocket as well. However implants the need to 'drop' usually need to do so because of tightness in the skin envelope under the breast, not the typical picture with a breast lift though the fold could have been tight. We would have some concern as massage is not greatly effective after two months, though you will have to stay the course and see what happens over the next several months.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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