Does TriPollar POSE Help with Cellulite?

I've read that RF technology helps to eliminate cellulite, Ive been reading about this product avaliable in europe - TriPollar POSE, can you guys tell me if this will work? or at least be somewhat helpful along with a working out and eating healthy?? Thanks.

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Cellulite treatment

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I am not familiar with this treatment but whether it is ultrasound or radiofrequency, the best we can imagine is maintained improvment, but not elimination of cellulite by these treatments.

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TiPollar POSE and Cellulite Treatment

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Hi I love plastic,

Tripollar POSE is an at home radiofrequency device for the treatment of "tightening skin" sold in Europe.  It is likely a lower energy RF device for safety reasons.  RF technology may improve cellulite, but as of this date we have no treatments that will eliminate cellulite.  Accent XL is one of the best RF technologies currently used in the USA for the treatment of cellulite.  The satisfaction rate is high among our Accent XL patients.  It is also good for the tummy, arms, and neck.

 Of course exercise and healthy eating habits are always good.  OK, just one more bite of that chocolate mousse.  Good luck and be well.

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