I've Read That Using Retin-a in the Long Run (For over 20 Years) is Worse Than Not Having Used It at All?

As per my question, the place I read it is is here, and I can see they'd have a marketing incentive to sell their own retinol but is there any truth to this claim? I couldn't find any studies that demonstrated it.

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Using Retin-A in the Long Run is worse that not having used it

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Hi there,

Retin-A (Tretinoin) is a great anti-aging product.  It has been proven to build collagen and therefore prevent wrinkles.  The younger a person starts the more benefits they see.  Retin-A increases the production of hylauronic acid and collagen.  Together they give the skin a more hydrated and firmer appearance.  It also helps lighten and prevent brown spots.

The following benefits are seen with Retin-A use:  increased skin thickness and firmness, increased skin hydration, reduced fine wrinkles, more even skin tone and reduced hyperpigmentation, reduced skin roughness, less risk of skin cancer and reduced stretch marks. 

Hope this helps!

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