I Just Read That Bbl Would Not Be Too Sucessful if You Have Stretch Marks?

Is this true? Because I have them on my stomach. When pull skin back they're less visible! I need to know before I invest my money!

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BBL and stretchmarks

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You probably wouldn't have the best result on your abdomen if you have a lot of stretchmarks.  You may benefit more from a tummy tuck to improve the appearance of your abdomen.

That has nothing to do with the transfer of fat.  Make sure your surgeon understands your desired goal -- a flatter tummy or more volume to the buttocks, or both.  

Can you have The Brazilian Butt Lift if you have Stretch Marks???

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That is definitely not true.  I have performed hundreds of Brazilian Butt Lift procedures.  Many of these have been on women with stretch marks on their abdomen as well as on their buttocks.  Stretch Marks have no effect on the results of Brazilian Butt Lift surgery except.... in regard to your skin tone in the area of liposcution.  If you have stretch marks on your abdomen, you may need a tummy tuck as well.  As you mention, when you pull your skin of your abdomen tight, the stretch marks look better.   Unfortunately the opposite is true as well.  If your skin becomes even more loose, the stretch marks will likely look worse.  Liposuction usually makes your skin more loose.  The way you correct this is to have a tummy tuck. 
So, it's not that you can't have it done. You may need to have a tummy tuck. This can either be done at the same time or at a separate time.

Brazilian Butt Lift

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There is no relationship between the take of fat graft and stretch marks.

The take of the graft and keeping the volume is dependant on the technique used and how fast the body will make new blood vessels to the graft.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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