Can Reaction by Viora Be Used for Skin Tightening if I Have a Metal Dental Crown?

I am interested in skin tightening and have been turned down for Refirme because I have a metal crown. Am I going to have the same issue with Reaction by Viora?

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No problem with Reaction and dental crowns

I have been using Reaction by Viora for many years and am very happy witht he results. In my experience, there is no reason why you should be turned down for treatment based on your metal crowns. Radiofrequency will not damage your crowns, and conversely, your crowns will not affect your treatment results. If you are being treated in the area directly over your crowns, then it is possible that you may fee some sensitivity during the treatment but your practitioner should be familiar with ways to adjust the treatment so that you can be comfortable. This may be as simple as putting some cotton on your crowns to help insultate them. Good luck.

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