If a Reaction is Present After Breast Augmentation...should I Removed my Implants?

I am 43 years old. 5" height, 108 weight. I have two kids. I had a breast augmentation surgery in my natal country, 6 weeks ago. The surgeon use 315 weight implants above the muscle. Around the 3rd week I started feeling a reaction: Redness, heat, and some pain; however the blood test showed no infection. I took an ultrasound, but the results didn't show the reasons for that, no presents of Seroma, etc. Do you think that my body is rejecting the implants? Thank you

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Should I Removed my Implants?

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I don't think there is enough info here to give a proper recommendation. There is probably no such phenomenon as rejecting an implant. Without at least photos, I don't know what to make of your description.

I do think that an in person evaluation by a plastic surgeon is in order. Depending on where you live that may be difficult to arrange. Alternatively, a visit to your primary doc who may be better able to arrange a consultation. I would not rush to have these removed. 

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Infection Around Implant?

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It sounds like you have a low-grade infection.  This needs to be evaluated as soon as possible to prevent capsular contracture and/or loss of the implant.

Dr. ES

Please get in person consultation

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The proper course of action would be to see a board certified plastic surgeon for evaluation. It is impossible to give you good answer without full evaluation.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Infection after Breast Augmentation?

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Your description is concerning and an infection should be ruled out clinically. In other words, you should be seen by a board-certified plastic surgeon in consultation. In person examination, will be more important than laboratory and/or radiologic evaluation.

 I'm sure you will find well experienced board certified plastic surgeons (online) in your area. Your primary care physician may be a good resource (for referral) for you as well.

 Best wishes.

It is not possible to "reject" a breast implant.

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It is impossible to say what is going on with your breasts. Rejection however is not a possibility. In spite of your blood work you may have a low-grade infection. Nevertheless, keep in touch with your surgeon.

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