Reaction to General Anesthesia (Hereditary Condition)

Hello, I am new here, I had a baby via C-section 14 months ago and I'm now considering a tummy tuck within the next year or so. My aunts have told me that they have a condition that causes them to have difficulty coming out of sedation and that there is a blood test that they can do to check if you'll have this reaction. She can't remember the name but 2 of my aunts and my cousin have the same reactions to anesthesia. Can anyone tell me the name of this?

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Reaction to anesthesia

Some people are slow to emerge from general anesthesia depending on the anesthetic agents used. You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon and ask to speak to any anesthesiologist if you don't know one personally. There is a condition called malignant hyperthermia which is a true life threatening emergency. If you have a family history of this, you need to let your surgeon and anesthesiologist know so they can test for this and plan to do your procedure in a hospital, not out-patient surgery center, setting.

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