Reaction to Botox - Hives; What Should I Do?

I had Botox in a doctor's office on Wednesday afternoon, by Friday afternoon I had a small amount of hives under my eyes. It is Saturday night, they have not gone away, in fact I now have more. It does not itch, and I think most people would not notice (I wear glasses) but I am concerned.

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Complications and problems from botox such as hives

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hives are virtually always itchy so non itching swellings are not hives, nor an allergic reaction, quite probably, although there are exceptions.  Swelling can occur when the lower eyelids are injected with Botox and the pump of the eyelid muscle action is no longer functioning temporarily.  Fluid then doesn't drain well, and the water retention builds up. People who tend to have periodic puffiness of their lower eyelids should consider avoiding treatment with Botox to those areas.

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Contact your injector - allergy to numbing cream?

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I would suggest you contact your injector for an evaluation. He or she will know exactly where you were injected and be able to see if you're having a reaction exactly where the injection sites were, or if it's something else. For instance, if a topical numbing cream was applied, my guess is you're allergic to that. It's rare, but much more common to have a contact allergy from the numbing cream than from the Botox.

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