Over-reaction to Anesthesia

I am over-sensitive to anesthesia! I recently has face-lift, brown lift, lower blepharoplasty, and laser. Even warning doc I was out for 4.5 hrs. Previously, out 8 hrs. DNC, 8 hrs. from endoscopy, 4 hrs. from ptosis (using only propofol). Even when warning doctors to use baby doses, I still over-react. Doctors say they never see anyone react like this. I fear if no warning possible, I would not recover from anesthesia. Any ideas for help would be greatly appreciated.

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Some patients have slower processing in the liver to some medications and therefore they may take more time to wake up. This absolutely should be discussed with your anesthesiologist.

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Reaction to Anesthesia

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If you have concerns about your reactions to anesthesia, then you need to discuss this with your doctor.  Without knowing your medical history and examining your anesthesia records, it is difficult to discuss your cases specifically.  Anesthesia is very safe when used in the appropriate patients.


Good Luck.

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