Will I Ever Reach the Flat Land After my TT with Lipo and Muscle Repair?

I had tt with muscle repair and Lipo 17 weeI have a hard bulge starting from below the belly button to the right side of my abdomen. I also had some skin discoloration after leaving the hospital. however my skin is starting to get soft and it feels like it's not going to get flat. I had an ultrasound and the doctor told me that it was hard scar tissue. when can I expect this hard scar tissue to resolve. can I expect changes in the next few months

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Scar tissue after tummy tuck

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The hardness may take months to resolve.  Scar tissue typically gets thick and hard during the active healing phase, and then begins to soften and flatten.  This may take a year or more to get as good as it is going to get.  The softening you report is probably along the lines of the normal recovery course at 17 weeks.

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Tummy tuck and healing

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If you had skin discoloration from compromised tissue, then most likely you had the same thing deep. WIthout an exam, I can not be sure, but it is best to follow closely with your doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
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It may take a few months for healing to be complete

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Regular healing tissue may take several months for it to soften.  The key is that you should notice a gradual improvement.  If you are not seeing any more improvement it may be that you have developed a pseudobursa which a thick scar pocket deep to the fat of your abdomen.  Pseudobursas usually have to be removed since they tend not to improve with time.   Keep massaging this area and keep track if it is continuing to improve.

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