Is It a Must to Reach the Cumulative Dose in Order to Treat Acne?

I am a female , 46 kg , I started Accutane 2 weeks ago with a dose of 20mg ... The dr. said it'll take longer time to reach the cumulative dose ? he suggested administring 30mg for 7 months but I feel 30 mg is a high dose considering my weight . Should I go with my dr's opinion or just take the 20mg and not reach the cumulative dose ???

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Accutane dosing

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Maisja - Accutane is typically dosed at 0.5-1.0 mg/kg daily (which would be 23-46mg daily for you).  Some doctors will start at a lower dose and increase the dose as tolerated, within this range or even higher, if necessary.  Your doctor's recommendation definitely fits within this guideline.  A higher dose will be more effective for your acne.  Keep in mind that increasing the dose of Accutane will increase the possible side effects, mostly the drying effect (dry lips, skin, and possibly eyes, nose); however, you may find that a higher dose is still tolerable for you.   

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