I Have a Low Rbc. (11.4) Could This Mean That I Will Absorb Fat when I Get a Butt Lift?

I'm Schd. to have a brazillian butt lift Nov 1, 2011. I have stopped smoking today. My rbc is 11.4. I'm wooried about losing the fat that will be injected in my butt. Will the oxygen in my blood not make it to the new tissue?

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Brazilian Butt Lift

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That figure sounds more like a hemoglobin number and the normal value for females (adult) is 12-16g/dl, and the RBC level for females is 3.5-5.5, and the RBC Vol. is 19-31ml/kg.  These values may vary from lab to lab.  Your surgeon will be able to interpret the values and your ability to sustain a graft.

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Low hematocrit and the Brazilian butt lift

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In theory, having a low hematocrit can be a problem but in practice that is not the case.  Hemoglobin carries the oxygen to the tissue and a low hemoglobin can affect the survival of the fat and the subsequent absorption by decreasing the amount of oxygen to the newly grafted fat.  The hemoglobin needs to be very low < 8.0 for this to happen. I do not think anybody will do surgery on a patient with a very low hemoglobin due to safety issues.

Hemoglobin levels before BBL surgery

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Your question about Hemoglobin levels before surgery is a good one.  This value is typically assessed on routine lab studies.  Your level is below the normal range, however not at a level that would necessarily prevent you from having surgery.  I would discuss this with your surgeon and see if they recommend starting iron therapy (if you are iron deficient) to augment your hemoglobin levels prior to surgery.  Your current level will not negatively affect oxygen delivery to tissues but the level  may drop with surgery.  Quitting smoking before any type of aesthetic surgery is a good idea.  I have my patient stop at least four weeks prior to this type of surgery as nicotine in cigarettes has been proven to decrease oxygen delivery to tissues and stopping several weeks before surgery is enough time to eliminate the nicotine from a patient's system. 

Blood Count and Brazilian Butt Lift Success

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Hi there-

Your blood count is not really that low... I would not think that this would compromise the success of your planned procedure but do agree that asking your surgeon about iron couldn't hurt.

On the other hand, I think the bigger concerns are:

1. What caused the lower blood count in you? Is there a problem that should be corrected before surgery, or is this simply due to a heavy menstrual flow?

2. Smoking. I know you said you stopped- and this was the right thing to do... but I would emphasize to you that ANY nicotine exposure would have a MUCH greater risk of compromising the outcome of your procedure than your blood count. Don't smoke.

Will Low Blood Count Affect My Fat Survival?

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Hi millz
This will probably not make a big difference.  I think higher is better than low.  Yours isn't very low. But, I would recommend discussing this with your surgeon and see if you would possibly be helped by taking Iron pills. You still have about 3-4 weeks.  That's plenty of time for your levels to improve.  Good Luck

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