PRK LASER OR ICL Best to my Eyes. Clarification Please?

my name rama prasad. My both eyes prescription -9. Thickness 470. What is the best opition PRK laser or ICL.

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PRK uses laser to shave away a very thin superficial layers of the cornea in order to change your prescription.  In most cases this is the simplest and safest alternatives.  Your corneas are simply not thick enough to safely perform PRK.  Implantable contact lenses are just what they sound like, tiny lenses put inside your eyes to correct your vision.  This is a more invasive procedure than PRK, but still safe if performed by an experienced surgeon.  This is most likely the only real alternative for you if you wish to have refractive surgery.

San Diego Ophthalmologist


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  In general, the quality of vision tends to be better with ICL compared to PRK for high prescriptions such as yours but, other factors can play a role.  For instance, your eye must be the correct "size" for the ICL to be safe.  You should have an evaluation to be sure you are an appropriate candidate for an ICL.

Dean Dornic, MD
Raleigh-Durham Ophthalmologist

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