Is it normal for clitoral hood to look exactly the same in size as it did before surgery?

I had labia plasty with clitoral hood reduction hours ago. The labia minora definitely looks small but clitoral hood looks exactly as it did before surgery. The Dr says its swollen. I can see the incision where he tucked it back. But I'm just concerned.

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Swelling happens after surgery

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and you're in the very acute phase of recovery.  If it isn't swelling asymmetrically or bleeding continuously, please be patient and give it time.  Hood was removed and when its healed, it will be smaller.  But until the swelling subsides (and it will take weeks),  you may not appreciate that as easily as it is to appreciate your labia being smaller.

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Labiaplasty a Few Hours Ago

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Swelling will be gone in about six weeks. Until then, be patient and follow the postop instructions that you were given. A final result takes time to develop.

Is it normal for clitoral hood to look exactly the same in size as it did before surgery?

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It is way too early to judge your results. Your surgeon is absolutely right that things are swollen, and things will get more swollen over the next few days. Be patient, listen to your surgeon and don't prematurely judge the results. For now, just relax and recover. Best of luck!

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Clitoral Hood Reduction and Swelling after Surgery

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Surgery is traumatic to the tissues. Blood flows to the area to heal, and fluid leaks out of the vessels into the tissues, causing swelling. If you just had surgery hours ago, you can be sure your tissues are swollen. You can see the incision and your doctor says you're swollen, so you should find comfort in that.

You may not see your final results for 3 to 6 months.

The link below is the journal of a labiaplasty patient who also had swelling

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Recovery from labiaplasty, clitoral hood revision, genital plastic procedures

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Vulvo-vaginal surgery is a " in progress..."  If your surgeon did not carefully and thoroughly explain this to you, (s)he should have.  MUCH SWELLING (especially in the clitoral hood, which, because of thickened tissue planes swells more and takes far longer to get back down to "normal" size) is the rule.  Believe me, it will get black & blue, irregular, "firm" and very strange-looking.  It will change day-by-day.  Have a "heart-to-heart": with your surgeon and ask him/her to explain carefully the changes and what is "normal;" what is not normal.

As the other docs answering your question have said, it will take ~ 1 month before you can get an "idea: of final results, and it is healed well enough for most all activities, but a full 3-6 months before "..what you see is what you (finally!) get..."

Beswt of luck,

Michael P Goodman MD

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