Want suggestion for electrolysis treatment in white hair surgery?

I'm 19 years old &suffering from white hair's. About 50%of my hair's got damaged & turned to white..so is electrolysis treatment will help me out to get rid of this white hair's. Also I want the estimated cost and period for this full treatment.. It would be great full if answered..Thanks...

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White hair and electrolysis

Electrolysis is very effective in removing hair that is sparse or very fine. It is often times the preferred method for the face (as opposed to other body parts). A funny story...hair removal was being done on black hair on some Caribbean island...and it was ineffective. What they found, is that when they plucked the hair, the follicle was white! So, first, I would see if the hair follicle is white for you? If not, laser may be effective for you and might be worth a try. Otherwise, electrolysis is very effective. The cost depends on the amount of hair, time, density, etc. I would discuss options with your provider when you are ready!

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