At what rate should my breasts drop after augmentation?

Hello! I Had Breast Aug With Crescent Lift On Right And Mast. Lift On Left, Just On 2/26. My Right Breast Has Dropped A Bit But My Left Is Still Pretty High And Still Looks A Bit Deformed, U CanReally Tell My Implant Is High. Right Is Still High And Also By Armpit But Left Is Bigger. Will They Even Out? Could It Be That My Left Is Just More Swollen Due To The More Evasive Procedure? Thanks So Much!!

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At what rate should my breasts drop after augmentation?

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It's difficult to say without photos but given that you had two different procedures, it's unlikely that they would heal at the same rate.  Try to be patient and give it 3-6 months before you re-evaluate.  Keep an eye on it and continue with your follow up visits with your surgeon.  If at 6 months they are still asymmetric, discuss your revision options at that point.  ac

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So many variable between your R and L breast to comment on without a photo since one was probably lower in the first place. Give it 6 months before you consider revision. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day! Dr. Kayser - Detroit.

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Allow time after surgery before committing to revision surgery, as most problems go away

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I would allow about six weeks to three months to assess the result of your aug/lift. Because there are two breasts and because the operative strategy is often different side to side, there is usually ample reason to expect prolonged asymmetry. In most cases, things improve, and revisional surgery is not needed.

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