Rasping Recovery After Revision Rhino?

In getting a rhino revision to rasp down bumps on both right and kleft side of nose. what can I expect for recovery? No broken bones, ust rasping

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Recovery after revision rhinoplasty

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You may have bruising on the skin over your dorsum, but should not have bruising under the eyes.  Overall your recovery will be much quicker than your primary rhinoplasty, and bruising is probably the aspect that will be slowest to resolve.    

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Recovery will most likely be easier than primary surgery

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Assuming your revision is only rasping, most likely the recovery will be less difficult than a typical primary rhinoplasty in which more extensive work is done on the nose. Especially if your surgeon iis able to complete the rasping through limited internal incisions only, there should be less swelling and less pain than an open procedure. 

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