Shall I Rasp the Tip of my Nasal Bone That Occurred After my Accident?

Hello,I had my nose broken 7 months ago that left me with a crookedness that I 'm pretty sure its in the bony section.My doctor said that i may choose if I want the smaller surgery which involves only rasping the tip of the bone (she didn't mention anything about the cartilage) and the nose off course wont get straighter but it will look better , or the "bigger" surgery witch involves osteotomies. What do you think about the first ? Is it possible ? And what about the cartilage ?

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Rasping Nasal Bones after Fracture

You need to have a consultation in which you and a rhinoplasty surgeon discuss what you don't like about your nose and treatment alternatives. If you correct only the deviation of the bones you will still have a crooked nose because your pictures show that the cartilage is also deviated. Without examining you I feel that osteotomies will be necessary to straighten the bony portion of your nose. Or do you just want a smaller, crooked nose?

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