Can You Rasp Nose After Ear Cartilage Has Been Placed on Profile?

I had a revision rhinoplasty with ear cartilage added to profile and the length extended to correct all the irregularities. It has been 12 days since the surgery and my nose is HUGE and it looks more like a roman nose than a straight nose. If I have a revision is it possible to rasp the nose down with ear cartilage on it? Also, does the nose get that much bigger from cartilage layed on it. What are the dimensions of a nose. It seems to me the surgeon did not give me a nose that fit my face

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Can You Rasp Nose After Ear Cartilage Has Been Placed on Profile?

Yes you can rasp a nose after ear cartilage has been placed, but more often it needs to be cut.  On the other hand, you are 12 days out from surgery and should wait until about 1 year out from surgery before making any decisions especially as this is a revision rhinoplasty.

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Rasping Cartilage to Decrease Profile Fullness

At 12 days after your revision rhinoplasty, it is impossible for you to evaluate your final result. I the profile too full 6-9 months from now cartilage rasps are available to reduce the size of the ear cartilage grafts which were placed to augment your profile. Your nose does not presently fit your face - this will change as you go through the healing process.

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How long after a revision rhinoplasty does it take for swelling to subside?

What you are experiencing is a normal post revision rhinoplasty anxiety. Swelling after a revision rhinoplasty with grafts can last for up to a year.  You are in early stages of healing process. About three months after your procedure, you should see clear improvements.  Long-term results can take up to a year or more to be appreciated.  This is the hardest part for the revision rhinoplasty patients to accept, because it takes patience.  Give it time and follow up closely with your surgeon.  Good luck and good healing. Dr. Kevin Sadati

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Rhinoplasty post-op

Your nose may look larger jsut after surgery because of swelling. You have to give it several months to settle down.  If ultimately you want it lowered, you more than likely will need the cartilage graft on the dorsum taken down.  Bone rasps will not work well on this.

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Rasping ear cartilage.

You need to be more patient. At 12 days you are going to be very swollen and you should not be so critical that you are already talking about further revision surgery. You need to wait at least 6 months to make a judgement.

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How early can I have revision rhinoplasty

Hi J in Cali,

Be patient, likely your surgeon put cartilage in that was slightly larger than needed which is normal.  I often do the same because that graft will not stay that size and shape.  Give it time, things will look very different in the weeks and months to come. 

Check with your surgeon.  I am sure things will settle in.  If it's still concerning in a few weeks see your surgeon or another surgeon to give you some guidance.

Best of luck and don't worry.  It's early

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Can You Rasp Nose After Ear Cartilage Has Been Placed on Profile?

 First, let me say that at 12 days you may be panicked for no reason as swelling could make the nasal bridge go down in the next month or so.  However, if the ear graft is too large causing the nasal hump, it's not something that can be rasped down like nasal bone.  Ear cartilage is curved, so in order to make it relatively flat, it has to be folded on itself and it's consistency is too soft to rasp.  It would need to be removed completely, at 6 months, after the previous Rhinoplasty and then replaced with a dorsal graft of better (my opinion) material.  I prefer straight silastic dorsal grafts for building up the nasal bridge.  They are reliable, do not dissolve and come in various sizes and widths.  You may wish to discuss your concerns with your Rhinoplasty Surgeon in the meantime.

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Assessment of the nasal bridge following revision rhinoplasty

Thanks for the question. At 12 days out, it is very early in the healing process after revision rhinoplasty and there is quite a bit of swelling which will dissipate over the next several weeks to months. Do not fret at this point as you have a long way to go. A good rule of thumb is to wait around 9-12 months before considering revision rhinoplasty. At that point, if you feel the nasal bridge is too high, the cartilage which has been placed can be shaved down or removed and replaced, depending on what exactly was done at the last surgery. A rasp is used to reduce the height of the nasal bones or file down small bony irregularities. Cartilage is better addressed with sharper instruments.

If there are no other issues with the nose, it's possible that this revision can be done through a closed (endonasal) approach with shorter postoperative recovery time. You can address your concerns with the surgeon who performed your revision surgery but, most of all, be patient...

Best regards,

Dr. Mehta

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Rhinoplasty revision

it is still very early to think of revision surgery. For rhinoplasty wait 6-12 months before considering any revision

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Revising bridge after ear cartilage graft placement

An ear cartilage graft on the bridge can be revised though rasping may not work as well as directly shaving down the cartilage. I would suggest you wait before pursuing this option, though, since you're not even 2 weeks from surgery. Your nose would be expected to look quite big from the swelling this early on.

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