I have a rash which seems to be caused by the surgical tape.

I've taken Benadryl but the dr said to go in right away to take the cast off. What should I do and how should I protect my nose without tape? I'm just three days post up.

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You should follow your doctor's advice and see him/her for splint removal and to make sure nothing else is causing the rash. Good luck. Donald R. Nunn MD Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Follow your doctors orders

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It is especially important that you follow your surgeon's instructions after rhinoplasty. If you have developed a rash early after surgery, it is often times difficult to tell exactly what the cause is. However, given the area, a possibility could be the tape on your nose and the only way the rash may improve is removing the inciting factor (possibly the tape). You should see your surgeon as soon as possible.

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