Is It Rare for a Breast to Concave in and Shift Around w/ Pain w/ Arm Movement After Mastectomy & Saline Implants? (photo)

5'7", 149 lbs, slender

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Question about fluid movement in expander breast reconstruction

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If you have an underfilled saline breast implant it may not be usual for it move or for you to feel a fluid wave.  You may just have a tissue expander in place and in that case it will take time for your plastic surgeon to fill the implant with saline and expand out your breast tissue.  In this case he is playing it safe and not trying to stress out your incision by placing too much fluid  into the expander in the early healing period.  

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Breast reconstruction

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You are still too swallen. The shifting of the implant may be some seroma accumolation see your plastic surgeon for an examination.

Samir Shureih, MD
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