Rapid Palatal Expansion or Common Expander? (photo)

Hello, I have nice teeth, and never used braces. However lately I've started considering expanding the palate, because my smile shows practically my 6 frontal teeth, and I'd like to have a wide smile. I'm afraid that the surgically assisted rapid Palatal expansion may be too harsh and bring many complications, and I'm curious if the same results could be achieved with a common Palatal expander. I'm 30 years now and btw almost a year ago had a rhinoplasty done. Could this affect the result? Thanks!

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Adult Expansion without surgical assist utilizing DNA Appliance and Epigenetic ortho

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Epigenetic orthodontics was developed by Dr Dave Singh and is a vastly different approach to treating your problem.  It is a removable appliance that is worn only 14-18 hours a day and works by allowing sutures to gradually expand by using physiologic forces instead of brute force. 


Normal movement has 4 phases 1 Force 2 inflamation 3  osteoclastic 4 consolidation.  Epigenetics skips the inflamation  (and associated pain).  It looks like a conventional Schwartz Appliance but has a different underlying mechanism.


Dr Singh used this same technology to close cleft palates without surgery.


The secret is movements are small 250 micrometers that stimulate sutural growth.

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