Rapid Orthognathic Surgery Or Jaw Implants?

I have mild assymetry of the jaw. The mandible is shorter on the left side, and longer on the right, and so my chin is also placed slightly left, my left jaw sticks out. I have an apparent crossbiton my left side too. I have been told I can get orthognathic surgery for this, but this will involve 2years of braces. Is there any way i can have this done in a shorter period of time as i am in my mid-20s already? Any alternatives? calium hydroxyapetite? And will i be able to play sport after this?

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Based on the information you’ve provided it sounds like you have a functionality issue as well as a cosmetic issue which is probably why it was suggested that you undergo orthodontic treatment before orthognathic surgery.  Without a physical examination it is difficult to offer alternatives to braces for you.  However, there are some dermal fillers that can be used to correct slight discrepancies in the lower jaw.  Jaw augmentation and implants can be done but adjusting your jaw without correcting your cross bite could create more functional problems for you.  My best recommendation for you is to research for a board certified oral maxillofacial surgeon and schedule a consultation.  During your consultation your surgeon will be able to tell you if there are other minor procedures that can be done without orthodontic treatment first.  I do want to caution you that it is possible that the best way to get the result you are hoping to achieve is through the intensive course of braces and then orthognathic surgery.

Be well and good luck!


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