Rapid Growth of Basal Cell?

I have had one basal cell carcinoma removed before. I noticed a new bump, red, non-healing, about 6 months ago. I'm pretty sure it's a basal cell, as it looks similar to pics I've seen and has the accompanying veins. It has rapidly progressed from 1 lesion to 5 or six in the same area. It is about a 50 cent piece sized area now. I have had to wait months to get into my derm and see her on Aug 3. My question is, could this be a rare, rapidly progressing version of basal cell? Thanks.

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Suspicious growth

I would highly recommend that you see your physician for possible re-excision of the area and have it sent to pathology to confirm that margins are clear.

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Bump after basal cell removal what should I do

This is a common story that I hear. You have to discuss these things with your doctor. I have seen removal of these done in the incorrect way. You have to take large margins from 3-5 mm with 5mm being the best.  In high risk areas around the eyes, nose mouth and ears I would consider being more aggressive. MOH's surgeons are the best to handle these and especially recurrences.

Philip Young, MD
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Rapidly growing skin bump

It could be a rapidly growing skin cancer of some type.  However, it may be something else.  Basal cell carcinoma is usually slow growing, but there are exceptions to the rule.  The best course of action is to be seen by your doctor at the earliest available appointment.

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Basal Cell Growth

Some cancers grow faster than others and can be more aggressive, but it is impossible to tell you if that's what you have. Your best bet is to remain calm, and to see your dermatologist as planned in early August. It could be many things! The important thing is that you have scheduled the appointment and are planning to go in.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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If the lesion is growing that rapidly it may be something else.  I would probably call your dermatologist and ask to be seen earlier.  Say that it is a rapidly growing lesion.  Hopefully, they can squeeze you in much sooner.

Nobuyoshi Kageyama, MD
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