What are my options for minor ptosis? (Photo)

I had an orbital fracture which pushed in my right cheekbone slightly 1 week ago. When I look downward or when my eyes become unfocused my right eyelid has a tendency to droop. This was my greatest fear when I was in the ER. the ptosis isn't present when my eyes are wide open and I'm doing eye exams so I think the doctors missed it. But it's present in my day to day life. Should I see an oculoplastic surgeon? If not, what specialty? Opthamology? I don't want to miss a time window

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Orbital Fracture

I would suggest an evaluation by an oculoplastic surgeon.  He or she can evalutate the position of your eye in relation to the fractured orbit.  It surgery is needed to repair the fracture it should be done in the first two weeks after the injury.

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it looks as if the orbital fracture repair was done fairly recently.  I agree that any email should wait until the swelling subsides and there are no further plans for orbital/sinus surgery.  Repair options will vary based on degree of final eyelid droop andetails of your eye exam.  Make sure your doctor, whether he/she is an ophthalmologist or bard certified plastic surgeon, has experience in ptosis surgery.  Good luck

Edward J. Ricciardelli, MD
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Ptosis in eyelid

Hello,The photo you sent suggests you have ptosis in the right eyelid.You should have it evaluated by an oculoplastic surgeon for options to help repair it. Best of luck,

Christopher I. Zoumalan, MD, FACS
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There are no time windows for this.

Ideally you should be out a year from your fracture and certain that you will not be having any further orbital surgery to correct your orbital fracture because this can affect the ptosis surgery.  At least from the photograph, you have significant ptosis.  You should see a fellowship trained oculplastic surgeon.  They do vary in what they do.  I recommend seeing a surgeon who performs aesthetic reconstructive eyelid surgery.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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