Uneven breast implants after 6 weeks. Want more upper pole fullness in left breast. What are my options? Strattice?

I had breast aug 6 weeks ago and from the start, my right breast always had more top fullness. I also noticed that my left breast has always sat lower. I want my left to be higher and fuller, like the right. My implants are 415 sientra over the muscle. What are my options? I never thought I needed a lift, but perhaps strattice or a pocket adjustment? I was going for the 'augmented', faker look (as bizarre as that sounds). I know I've been told to wait 3 months but I haven't seen changes.

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Breast revision at 6 weeks

It is too early to determine what would need to be done, if anything at all.  You need to be patient and allow the implants to settle, and allow the skin to relax, this process takes at least 6 months.

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Uneven breast implants after 6 weeks. Want more upper pole fullness in left breast. What are my options? Strattice?

Your goals are certainly not "bizarre";  I see patients on a daily basis who are looking for the "faker look". It is likely, that you will benefit from revisionary breast surgery, if you are displeased with the upper pole volume and/or asymmetry. This will likely involve adjustment of the breast implant capsules (capsuloraphy).  I do utilize acellular dermal matrix or biosynthetic mesh, usually for patients who have recurrence of breast implant displacement problems.

It will be in your best interests to continue to exercise patience;  generally, I think that it is best to wait six months (for many reasons)  before evaluating the outcome of the procedure performed and/ or potentially planning revisionary breast surgery. You may find the attached link, dedicated to revisionary breast surgery concerns, helpful to you as you learn more. Best wishes.

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What are my options?

You are correct that you do not need a lift, but rather likely a pocket adjustment.  Strattice could be used to reinforce that pocket adjustment, but is expensive and possibly unnecessary.  The reason to wait 3 months is to allow the tissue to gain more strength in hopes that the pocket repair will hold up better rather than to wait for any additional changes to your breasts, though you may see some additional change.  Best of luck with your continued recovery!

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