Thin skin deformity after rhinoplasty. Will the skin not shrink?

Had a rhinoplasty a year ago. Skin is still taking shape of old nose. I'm thinking of a really big person having rapid weight loss. Will the skin not shrink. I had the revision 6 months ago to fix the middle part that was hanging too low. Will this ever normalize or will it always resemble old nose with the skin.

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cdklove, cannot answer this without an evaluation. See an experienced surgeon that does "only faces" and has decades of experience. See the video and good luck!

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Post rhinoplasty skin

What you describe is more typical of a thick skinned nose. We would need more photos (or even better, an in-person consult) to see what is happening. A revision after 6 months is very unusual. As you know, it may take 1-2 years to see the final result from rhinoplasty. Express your concerns to your surgeon, or get a second opinion from an experienced rhinoplasty specialist.

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Thin skin deformity after rhinoplasty. Will the skin not shrink?

The good news: the skin does shrink, but it takes many many months, even a year or two. The bad news: it can only shrink so much. If a large nose is made much smaller then the skin cannot shrink wrap down all the way to reflect the new underlying shape 100%. But if there is still adequate tension on the skin from the underlying structures it will shrink well in time. Hard to know in your case without a picture, but give your revision a good 2 years to really see the final result.

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