Who should I seek out to perform Vbeam procedure: Physician or technician?

In North Carolina, I'm finding that laser procedures are performed by a "trained technicians". I'd like to have my Poikiloderma treated with Vbeam. Should I trust a "technician" or find a "physician"? What credentials should a technician or physician have? I've been to two free consultations and have received conflicting advice about whether the procedure would leave bruising and whether it would be painful.

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V-Beam Procedure

The good news is you are looking at the right technology for poikiloderma of Civatte, The V-Veam is the gold standard for this issue. The original V-Beam is a great laser and it effective. The newest version of the V-Beam is the V-Beam Perfecta. This laser tends to leave people with little to no bruising. We have had both lasers in my practice and we have been thrilled with the results for rosacea, spider veins and other vascular issues of the face. We definitely see far less bruising with the Perfecta than the original V-Beam.

As far as who performs the treatments, I would go with a well trained laser tech who operates lasers all day, rather than a physician who picks up a laser on occasion. Of course, this is assuming the laser technician has received extensive training and the facility is owned and operated by a physician. A physician extender (P.A. or N.P.) should provide a consultation, health history including all meds before a treatment is performed.  

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