Risk of implant displacement 10 days post op?

I was walking and missed a step and came down abruptly on my left foot. I may be crazy, but I felt movement in my left breast. I had a breast lift and implants about 10 days ago. I am wearing a compression bra so I'm hoping that held everything in. Do you think I am at risk of implant displacement? I know the capsule takes a while to form. I've been being so careful and I hope I didn't shift anything around by missing that step and coming down hard on my foot.

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Implant displacement after breast surgery

Displacement of an implant is possible but highly unlikely.

The pocket is ;precisely dissected.

Talmage Raine MD FACS


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Implant displacement after trauma and recent surgery

After any traumatic event,  and a symptomatic change in a post surgical breast – I strongly encourage you to see your ABPS board certified plastic surgeon as soon as possible.    I always want to see my  breast implant patients after any trauma to the breast,  especially in the early postoperative period.    It takes greater than 8 weeks for 80% of scar strength to mature.   This is why I typically encourage patients to wear some type of supportive bra for the majority of the time the first 3 months -  while immature scar is strengthening.    If your plastic surgeon used any form of suturing to control your pocket, or change the position of your breast fold – he or she might be concerned with  a popped suture or suture pull through (cheese wire effect)  after trauma or an event causing a slip/fall/muscle pull.  Your surgeon may simply want to further observe, modify bra garment or taping protocol - or even replace a popped fold defining suture if severe and necessary!

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Missing step and implant displacement?

It is unlikely that you missing a step caused an implant displacement. If you are concerned, best to see your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast Implant Displacement

Thank you for your question.
While implant displacement is unlikely, I recommend contacting your surgeon to discuss the issue.  If it is determined that the pocket has widened somewhat, they may recommend a different bra or special taping maneuvers to try and close the pocket off again.

Dr. Dan Krochmal
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