When can I return to my intense back bending/stretching routine?

Hi, almost 3 weeks ago I got 415 HP sientra over the muscle (subfascial) implants. I am a dancer and practice almost contortion like stretching. Will these movements affect my results? When can I return? This is one of my passions so I would hate to be permanently restricted. I was planning on waiting at least 6 weeks to be safe.

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Returning to Activity

Wow, very impressive!! It is great that you are being very cautious and not jumping back too soon.  You should always consult with your surgeon when wishing to return to strenuous activities.  While six weeks may be a reasonable guideline, each case is individual and only your own surgeon will know what is best for you. 

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When is significant stretching and bending safe after breast augmentation?

Congratulations on undergoing breast augmentation surgery! Your movements make me think of Chinese acrobats! I believe your plan to wait for 6 weeks is a good one, as long as your surgeon agrees and your healing is otherwise "perfect" and uncomplicated. This is especially true if you had textured implants (415 HP implants are round, textured), which are designed to adhere to tissues. Too much exercise too soon could cause adherence to be lost, and this could affect your cosmetic result.

You should ask your surgeon, as it is him or her to whom you will need to go if you develop a problem. So, ask in person or at least give your surgeon's office a call. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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When to return to back bending postop

Those photos you submitted are crazy!  You are very flexible.  I would recommend you discuss your postop activity restrictions with your surgeon.  I know if I was your surgeon, I would be having chest pains at the thought of you doing those stretches after surgery.

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