Can rejuvapen cause cystic acne in someone who has never had acne before? (Photo)

I had a rejuvapen procedure done 5 days ago on my whole face to tackle fine lines and boost collagen production. Before I had this treatment my skin was very clear. I have never had acne before, just a blemish here or there based on the time of the month. After I had the rejuvapen procedure I woke up the next morning with pustules all over my cheeks and forehead that continually multiplied. I now have red scars where the pustules were and cystic acne in other areas. Is this permanent?

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Break out post microneedling.

I am sorry to hear that! This is rare to occur post-procedure, however I have seen this. Breaking out after your treatment is temporary and will usually resolve within 2 weeks. To prevent this from occurring again with microneedling I would recommend making sure that your face is completely cleaned and swabbed with alcohol or another antiseptic, make sure clean technique is being used during the microneedling. After your session a prescription topical antibiotic may be applied and used over the course of the first week, this should help prevent a break out. Best, Dr P

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Acne following Microneedling

 Thank you for sharing your question and photos. It would be highly unusual to experience acne following microneedling. The problem is most likely due to the cream which was applied following the treatment. You should inform your doctor of the problem.  Good luck,

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