Is my ptosis a huge fail? (Photo)

I had mullerectomy done 5 days ago. But he cut the muller muscle and hope it heals together and lifts up. Is this crazy??? He's saying I should see results in 6 weeks that a long time to look like this.

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Did ptosis repair work?

Thank you for sharing your question. If you were a candidate for Mullerectomy, the results will be achieved in 6-8 weeks. Without in person evaluation, it cannot be determined if this approach was the correct choice. At only 5 days post op, you have a lot of healing to do.  Good luck,

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Too early to tell but it is troubling.

The Mullerectomy is the preferred ptosis procedure.  It definitely has a place for 1 to 2 mm of ptosis.  In your preoperative photo, you are demonstrating 2-3 mm of ptosis.  You also demonstrate upper eyelid lash ptosis. The Mullerectomy does nothing for lash ptosis.  To have performed a Mullerectomy in these circumstances, your surgeon must have had a positive indication from a neosynephrine test meaning the drops opened the upper eyelid to a favorable position.  Now the reality is that this type of opening is not always achieved.  I always perform the neosynephrine test and to be absolutely honest with you, I did not work you up so I really can't say if I would have also offered you a Mullerectomy.  However, my preference with this much ptosis is the anterior levator resection ptosis repair which also creates the opportunity to perform an anchor blepharoplasty to support the upper eyelid lashes.  At this point you need to heal a full 6 to 12 months before anything more is done in my opinion.  You will see how much opening you get in the eyelid as the swelling resolves.  The 6 to 8 week mark is a good one for an early time frame for knowing how you did with this surgery.  Please consider posting at that time.

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