How to get my money back for a procedure I had to cancel the night before?

I had abdominal Laser Lipo scheduled first thing on a Monday morning. Procedure was to be done in a surgical suite in doctor's office without sedation. Over the weekend, I was informed that I could not have the time off due to a coworkers death in the family. The office where I was to have the procedure has no one on call and I had to leave a voice message. I called the office and now I am told I cannot reschedule and I cannot have a refund. I did sign a pre-op agreement. Can I get something?

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Unfortunately you are not entitled to any refund when you cancel without a 72 hr notice in most cases.

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Unfortunately there is no refund you can get since the deposit is used to reserve the surgical suite etc.... Most docs require at least a 72 hr notice to reschedule any procedure regardless of the excuse with no exceptions. That is why we have patients acknowledge that they are aware of the rule in the preop papers. Sorry. If you really like the doc, then just pay the deposit again and have the surgery you want. Don't make a stink about it since it is not their fault. It is yours. Just accept it graciously.

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