What is the best fillers to fix these lines?

What would be the best way to minimize or completely take away these lines? I've lost a ton of weight in my face which has made these smile lines worse. I'm only 26, would be to young for a mid face lift? Is fat injections a good option? I would love something somewhat permanent that would last longer than 1-2 years but I'm also not opposed to juvaderm. I've saved $4500 to fix the issue but now I'm just searching for the best way to fix the lines.

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Best Method to Smooth Very Fine Lines Near the Mouth

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These lines are such  fine lines that I do not think I would use filler directly into the lines in your case. It can be used, but I like a couple of other options first. Because you say you have lost much weight, you might consider getting Voluma injections into the outer cheek area to act as a foundation to shore up the tissue. This has been very successful in pulling back slighlty on the tissue at the naso-labial fold which causes the line there to soften or disappear. Voluma lasts about two years which is longer than Juvederm or Restylane.Fat injections come from your own body and can be useful, but remember that about 30 to 60% of the fat injected will be reabsorbed by your body so it is more difficult to control the exact amount of fat that stays. Other choices include having a series of microneedling treatments or a series of BBL (broad band light) treatments to stimulate increased production of collagen, or a Halo.
The Halo-Pro procedure which uses a laser to heat columns of tissue that then die and are forced out of the skin over a few days is a more aggressive treatment, but very tolerable with little downtime. The heat and micro damage from this procedure will deeply stimulate collagen production and over the following months, the collagen production will continue to be amplified.This decreases fine lines and wrinkles, helps skin tone and texture, makes pores appear smaller, and has a lasting effect because it is your own collagen.Good luck! You have many reasonable options and any of the above listed procedures should offer much improvement.

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