Do I need Fillers in my cheeks, marionette lines? (photo)

Do I need fillers in my cheeks..and what about my marionette lines? What's the best filler to use ?? Is there any lasers that help tighten up skin under cheeks to jaw line?

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Dermal Fillers for cheeks and lines

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You are an excellent candidate for dermal fillers in the cheek or mid face area. Strategically placed filler (lateral not frontal) would enhance your cheek bones, restore symmetry to your features, and give a subtle “lift” to your lower face. This lifting effect will help soften your nasal labial folds (smile lines) and marionette lines (mouth to jowls), but a small amount of filler may still be needed in the lower face for best results.

An RF (radiofrequency) treatment would also prove beneficial to tighten your skin in the lower face and promote new collagen, however, because fat loss is pronounced, I would recommend either a combination treatment (dermal filler + RF) or dermal filler alone. Please consult with a board-certified doctor to discuss your best options. Best wishes!

Vancouver Physician
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Fillers for facial fill

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Certainly just loo,ing at your picture filler would be an excellent choice.  With an in person look, fine tuning the placement and type of filler used as well as the amount could be done.  It looks as if there is a good bit of volume loss around the mouth and onto the jaw with some deepening more on your left cheek than on the right.  Filling these areas would make a big difference in your overall look.  Hope this helps.  

Dr. ODell

Cheeks and Marionette Lines

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It appears from your photo that you may benefit from fillers. Not only are fillers effective in reducing facial lines/folds, they are also extremely useful when used for facial skin lifting.  A combination of different fillers with proper injection technique will help to:

-lift your the cheeks, reduce the nasolabial and Marrionette lines and lift the jowls as well.

Best regards,

Ivan Puah, MBBS
Singapore Physician

Mid Face fillers

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First it would be nice to have multiple views but based on the pictures, the laugh lines and Marionette lines are secondary to loss of mid face volume, The left side( your left) seems to have less volume than the right  . By enhancing volume in the mid face, you can create a lift effect minimizing both the Marionette lines and NLF.  You can also place small amounts specifically in those area for further softening but the first priority would be mid face augmentation. There are many choices from Voluma, to Restylane Lyft to Sculptra .

You can also consider other treatments for skin tightening such as Ultherapy or the new treatments such as thermitght or the Profound treatment which can work with fillers to give you a more youthful look. As always consult with a provider who has experience with multiple different treatment modalities to optimize your results.

Hardik Soni, MD (not currently practicing)
Summit Emergency Medicine Physician

Jaw and Neck line and Fillers

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You absolutely need a combination of fillers and Thermage to treat this area and promote new collagen and tighten the area. Voluma would be a great product for you.  Please consult an expert who knows how to combine treatments for the best cosmetic results. Best, Dr. Green

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